Equalizer “Kitty Knuckles” Self Defense Keychain

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Personalize with a logo or custom art.

  • Must be black and white PDF or AI art
  • Suggested print colors of white or black
  • One time $20 fee if art needs to be reworked


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We highly recommend checking with your local law enforcement before purchasing. This item may be construed as “brass knuckles” or “knuckle dusters” and possibly illegal to carry in some states.

Would-be attackers be warned! The Equalizer, commonly referred to as kitty knuckles or stabby kitty keychain, is a self defense keychain used to defend oneself from attackers. Kitty Knuckles are also known as kitty brass knuckles because they’re worn around the fingers and knuckles of your hand.

These kitty knuckles fit right onto your keychain to help defend yourself instantly. Shaped like a cat, the points are sharp enough to scratch or maim any attacker. Place fingers into holes and flat into the palm to provide the required force to strike when necessary. Made to break-away when needed. Don’t hiss me off!

The Equalizer is seemingly harmless, but provides self defense protection within reach of your keys with points sharp enough to scratch or maim. Two finger holes provide control and a base transfers necessary force. This is the perfect safety keychain for women, but is also great for realtors, second shift workers, sororities, nurses, and colleges.

Made to act as a deterrent, not for aggression. To use, slip fingers through holes and place the base into the palm.

The Equalizer is one of the best safety keychains for women, but is also great for:

  • 2nd Shift Workers
  • Sororities
  • Nurses
  • Colleges

Pad printing available. You can personalize our kitty knuckles with your own  logo or custom art. The front print area is 1.75 inches x .35 inches. Art must be black and white in PDF or AI format. Suggested print colors of white or black. There is a one-time $20 fee if art needs to be reworked.

Read more about The Equalizer and why they are the best kitty knuckles on the market!

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