About Us

In 1984, Dick and Carol Dague founded Manufacturing Services in Wichita, KS, as a Plastic Injection Mold manufacturing company. To stay competitive with overseas markets we’ve evolved beyond the role as a 3rd party manufacturer.

Our wealth of knowledge as a injection mold manufacturer cleared a path to making and marketing our own products. The genesis to owner/manufacturer/distributor began with training ammo for hunter’s safety classes—and our then biggest seller—the Bottle Eze. Various companies utilize the Bottle Eze as an advertising tool to showcase their logo or message on the stem of the Bottle Eze.

Since then we’ve extended our line of weapon safety with Chamber Flags. Our custom printing options provides customers with personalization opportunities making their purchase a truly one-of-a-kind product promoting gun safety. Chamber Flags are now our top selling product! With the need for gun safety we see a Chamber Flag in every gun across the US and the WORLD!

We have other products, all are manufactured and printed in our shop, here in the middle of the United States. Manufacturing Services Inc. is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and quality products made in the USA.

Dick likes to stay behind the scenes! He oversees all decisions, while “not” being involved. He does all our molding, and is the designer of our products. In his free time he likes to play solitaire on his computer and take cat naps at his desk.

Carol loves being involved with our customers. She enjoys hearing how they learned about us and what interests them about our products. She keeps all our records and she helps with filling orders as needed. She also keeps our shop spic and span, and takes care of our shop cats.

Shannon is the book keeper. She spends her free time filling orders and handling shipping. She brings color to our shop with her bubbly personality and pink décor in her office.

Darcee does many things within the company. She handles all aspects of customer service including all graphic design work. She “Puts the fun in safety fundamentals.”